Meet Our Founder, Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan founded Grand Strand CPAs in 1984, and he’s been our fearless leader ever since. Tim leads our team of accountants in Myrtle Beach, SC as the Managing Principal, but there’s a lot more to Tim than accounting.


As Managing Principal, Tim ensures that we maintain the highest standards and stay up to speed with all of the complex and changing tax and accounting rules and regulations. If you’re looking for the reason we maintain our status as one of the top Myrtle Beach CPA firms, look no further. Tim’s education, background, and training has helped him become the outstanding Managing Principal we know today.

In 1973, Tim earned a Bachelor of Science in accounting at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and he put that knowledge to work by becoming a partner in a regional accounting firm. Inspired by his work there, he decided to create Grand Strand CPAs in 1984, and partnered with other top accountants in Myrtle Beach.

Outside of the firm, Tim works tirelessly to give back to the local and larger community. He serves as an executive committee and board member for a non-profit organization, the University of North Carolina Wilmington Foundation. The foundation helps secure funds for grants and scholarships for worthy students, and Tim’s expertise in accounting is an asset to this worthy cause at his alma mater. More locally, Tim has served as President, member of the Board of Directors, and chairman of a variety of committees for the Grand Strand Chapter of the South Carolina Association of CPAs(SCACPA).

Tim’s commitment to service doesn’t stop with his involvement in accounting organizations: he served in the U.S. Navy in Vietnam, and he’s now a proud and worthy member of the V.F.W. No stranger to conflict, Tim completed the Circuit Court Civil Mediation Training Program, training that allows him to mediate conflict and find resolution strategies in all facets of his life, especially as a manager.

You might see Tim high above the Grand Strand while you’re enjoying the sand and surf, as he’s a certified pilot! You can also catch him the First United Methodist Church, or see him out and about town with his wife Debbie and his two daughters, Ginny and Ashley.

Tim’s contribution to the regional community has been outstanding, and as the Managing Principal of Grand Strand CPAs, he works ceaselessly to make this the best place for accounting and tax preparation in Myrtle Beach, SC. Come meet Tim, and find out more about our services, including audits for organizations, tax preparation, payroll, and more.