Tax Resources for Myrtle Beach Residents & Businesses

Here at DFMM&C CPAs, we have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience, but even we have resources we turn to time and time again for answers to our tax and accounting questions. Here, we’ve compiled some of the most helpful online resources we know of. We’ve even included a useful Tax Calendar, which will help you stay up-to-date and prepare for upcoming tax dates for yourself or your business.

The math for mortgages, loans, and other hefty accounts can be daunting: let our handy Financial Calculators do the heavy lifting for you. We’ve also included the most useful Links to IRS pages with forms and links to your state’s information. Finally, the Glossary allows you to understand key terms and concepts, and even has modules on understanding the history of taxes in the US.

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Financial Calculators

Use these calculators to help you discover the best ways to apply funds or manage your budget.

 Financial Calculators →


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2018 Tax Calendar

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Get quick access to the tax forms you need to complete your filings. Use the links below to download important documents, research individual state tax laws and more


The language of accounting and taxes can be confusing, but we’re here to help you navigate this not-so-lingua-franca. Our certified and experienced Myrtle Beach CPAs spent years studying the lingo, but don’t let unfamiliar terms keep you from understanding your own taxes and finances. You can browse terms by scrolling down, or search by clicking the letter of the alphabet at the top of the page.  The glossary also has tabs for the “Hows” and the “Whys” of taxes, which are incredibly informative tutorials on topics such as filing status and taxpayer rights.

This handy glossary, compiled by the IRS, has over 100 terms and phrases that Certified Public Accountants use nearly every day. Not sure if you’re a proponent of vertical or horizontal equity? The glossary will help you figure out which one you’re looking at. What’s the difference between wages and tip income? The terms and definitions here help to clarify any confusion you may be having when it comes to taxes. Knowledge is the first step to making a better financial future for yourself and your business.

IRS Glossary →