CPA Services in Myrtle Beach

For over thirty years, our community and clients have trusted us with their tax and accounting needs. We have earned affiliations with the Myrtle Beach Hospitality Association, the Better Business Bureau, and the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, so you know you can trust our professionals to handle your finances with care and knowledge.

Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a non-profit, we have a range of services to help you manage your finances. We offer a wide variety of tax, accounting, and other services to meet your needs.

With experience and expertise in an array of accounting and tax services, our Myrtle Beach CPAs combine financial knowledge with customer care to ensure that you are satisfied with our work. We may be a large firm, but service is more than just getting the work done: it’s about making sure you get the assistance you need with the same level of care you can expect from a small business. While many of our services are listed below, we are happy to discuss other special accounting or tax needs you may have.

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our Tax Services

  • Individual State Taxes

  • Individual Federal Taxes

  • Estate taxes

  • LLC tax filing

  • Non-profit tax filing

  • S-Corporation tax filing

  • Trust filings

  • Corporate tax filings

  • Partnership tax filing

Tax Preparation

We know just how frustrating doing your taxes can be, but our years of studying and working with tax laws and regulations have made us ready to take on the task for you. It can be difficult to find the right person to work with on your taxes, but we have the knowledge and the experience to complete this chore for you.

If you’re an individual or a family looking for help in filing your state or federal taxes, we’re here to help. Our professionals have been completing personal tax files for over thirty years, and we can give you the care and attention that no tax preparation software can provide. If you’ve ever used a website to try to file your taxes, you know just how frustrating it can be to get stuck in an endless loop of errors and miscalculations. Let us do the hard work for you.

We also work with businesses, including LLCs, S-Corporations, and non-profit organizations. The professionals of DFMM&C CPAs will work with you to gather documents, file the correct forms, and complete any other necessary activities to make sure your business’s taxes are done right.

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Our Accounting Services

  • Compilation of financial statements
  • Review of financial statements

  • Audit of financial statements

  • Assistance with IRAs

  • College tuition plans

  • Credit card calculations
  • Mortgage management

  • Personal investments

Accounting & Auditing

We provide a range of accounting services for businesses and individuals. Many companies provide our reports along with their financial statements to give information and comfort for their customers and partners. We work with you to create compilations, reviews, and audits of your business’s finances.

For the highest level of assurance our CPAs can provide in determining whether your financial statements were correctly completed and mistake-free, you may require an audit of your financial assets, which will be useful in working with investors and lenders. For more limited assurance, our CPAs can perform a review to ensure that no no modifications must be made to the financial documents. For organizations like those in the construction industry and Homeowner Associations (HOAs), a compilation may be appropriate for collecting and presenting your organization’s financial information for a more general audience.

Working with our accounting professionals, you will first decide what level of financial assurance your company needs from our CPAs, whether it be an audit, review, or compilation. Our firm provides these services on a consistent, ongoing basis, or we can work with you whenever a specific requirement arises.

Additionally, we provide accounting services for individuals in need of our financial management expertise. Whether you’re saving for retirement or your children’s education, or you’re working on paying down your mortgage, we have the knowledge and customer service to assist you. Our easy-to-use financial calculators provide quick answers to your questions, but we can also handle the more difficult tasks of managing your financial needs.

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Our Professional Services

  • Payroll + W-2s

  • Bookkeeping

  • General ledgers

  • Financial statements

  • Reconcile bank accounts

  • Monthly sales taxes for business sales

  • Monthly local taxes for business sales

  • Consultations for other needs

Other Professional Services

There are many facets to maintaining your business’s financial accounts, and we offer a variety of other services that may not fall into our tax or accounting categories. One of the most useful services we offer to small businesses is our payroll check preparation, which includes W-2s for your employees. Spend your time on something else, and let our professional CPAs handle this complex task.

If you’re using Quickbooks or Peachtree, we also offer bookkeeping services for your small business, which can be a lifesaver if you’re not a numbers person. Our pros post general ledgers, provide you with statements, and even reconcile bank accounts. Let us help you manage your financial information, and you can worry about all the other things that go into making your small business work.

With over thirty years of service and experience, we know that you might have some other financial needs that don’t fit in with our categories. Because of this, consulting services are available for you and our professionals to develop a plan to handle your accounts successfully.